Welcome to the taboo-free “Touching” Era

I’m gonna start by saying this—BREAST CANCER SUCKS!

So whenever an ad agency comes up with a really cool and clever way to encourage people to touch themselves and detect early stages of breast cancer, I’m totally on board with it.

Why breast cancer?

The answer is simple—taboos.

While we’re comfortable talking about sex, balls, male genitalia and the gruesome ways characters kill other characters on Game of Thrones, we still feel weird when talking about or seeing breasts. Remember the Super Bowl XXXVIII nipple incident? In fact, our most beloved social networks won’t let a female nipple get anywhere close to a post.

When someone comes up with an idea to fight breast cancer, the first thing they have to think about is censorship and the female nipple taboo. That’s fucking bullshit! Fortunately, some creatives are really good at this and know how to go around it.

I’m proud to say I know one of them.

One of my closest friends created The Sisterhoodie, a hoodie for all mamkind. It lets you touch yourself and become familiar with your breasts just by changing the placement of the hoodie’s pockets.

And I don’t care if I sound a little biased. This idea is fucking awesome, fashionable and about 80% taboo-free.

Enter the CTA

Learn more about The Sisterhoodie or order yours at thesisterhoodie.com.


Beat breast cancer. Touch yourself.

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