When your idea becomes another’s idea

You’ve just arrived at the agency. It’s time to start your morning ritual. You know, get some coffee (or tea, or water, or whatever you kids drink these days). You grab a bagel with extra cream cheese because you deserve it. You start reading the news, swiping the endless ad industry blogs (hopefully you read this one too). You watch the newest ads on Creativity Online or Ads Of The World trying to find your inspiration muse for the day.

Out of the blue, you read one article that you didn’t expect. Or a new campaign with a title that’s way too familiar.

Your pupils dilate, your heartbeat is racing. You sweat, you curse (whispering at first, then so loud everyone can hear you). You can’t believe it…

Some mother $@%&* stole your idea and made it!

That idea you thought about months ago and got killed by your boss, by your client or by a producer that said it couldn’t be done. That idea that you never showed it to anyone because you thought it was so bad it wouldn’t ever fly. That idea that you forgot and is now lost between a mountain of used papers and old scribbles.

But now it’s there. Another creative thought about it. Another brand bought it. And it’s out there—getting the press yours will never get.

You keep cursing all day long. You play angry music. You want to call the son of a bitch that stole your idea and make him put you on the credits. You’re irrational.


But you know what?

You’re wrong. It’s not your idea anymore.


Because that other guy made it. Plain and simple.

While your idea is gathering a pile of dust. His/hers is out there, produced, published and running.

And you know what?

That’s what happens in this industry. The ideas that count are the ones that are made.

But don’t worry… I’ve been there too. Today.



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