Adland Adventures—it’s funny because it’s true

It’s late at night. Like really, really late. I wish I could go home and sleep, but I have to finish this. I have to come up with a new concept, a new idea, something that saves tomorrow’s meeting from utter disaster. Maybe there’s something I can use from my old notes. Maybe not.  Wait… this looks promising—yes, I can work with that. And… I’m going home.

If something like this hasn’t happened to you, you’re not in Advertising. A small agency in North Carolina, The Variable, realized that and developed a funny site called The Adland Adventures—which compares the ad world to the animal kingdom through a series of fun stock footage/VO snippets (I still don’t know which one is more savage).

So, if you’re out of internet and you desperately need something to laugh about for the next 10 minutes or just an ad guy living with PTSD, you should definitely check them out.

P.S. Here’s my favorite one if you ask:

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