Ad Quote #16

“This copy needs more bells and whistles.”

-Another immortal words from the same account executive to the same copywriter from last quote

That’s a tear in my ad… No, wait. It’s not an ad.

Every once in a while I see one of those ads that make me feel envy, professional envy. You know, work that makes you say, “I wish I had done that.”

Today it happened.

I was going through my usual routine of reading news and watching newly released ads when I found this article on Adweek. It talks about a short film made by John Wikstrom called “Player Two”. I’m not going to ruin the plot. Instead I’ll let you guys see it and shed a tear with me.

According to Wikstrom, the idea came to him when reading a string of comments on a YouTube video called “Can Video Games Be a Spiritual Experience?”. It’s powerful, emotive and it works as one of the best ads ever made for Xbox.

The best part?

It wasn’t made or commissioned by Microsoft. It’s spec work. Work that’s usually done by students when they’re trying to show their ideas and enter our industry. But I believe this film goes more than just spec. I bet Wikstrom never intended to make it work as an ad. I bet he just wanted to tell a story, a very powerful story. He wanted to make a piece he felt passion for.

So John Wikstrom, if you’re reading this I gotta say, “I envy you.” But your film really moved me.